Our mission

RealVNC is the “no regrets” remote access platform for engineers looking for the most reliable, most secure solution; one that champions the needs of those unserved and unsatisfied by the larger vendors today. Intentionally built different by the creators of VNC technology.

What we’re proud of

Work wherever works

Over the last 25 years, as the inventors of VNC, we've enabled a global workforce to work wherever works and created the remote access market.

Reducing carbon emissions

We’re reducing carbon emissions by keeping engineers and support staff off the roads/rails and out of the air.

Workplace equity

We’re improving workplace equity by enabling roles to be performed remotely that previously required in-person attendance.

Equal opportunities for all

We’re part of a move towards equal opportunities for all e.g. by improving the classroom experience for partially-sighted students.

Improving efficiency

We’re enabling healthcare workers to monitor patients more efficiently, reducing the burden on them especially during a challenging global pandemic.

Meet the team

Henry Seddon

Chief Executive Officer

Gavin Lyons

Executive Chair

Tristan Richardson

Technical Founder

Chris Yelland

Chief Finance Officer

Andrew Woodhouse

Chief Information Officer

Stuart Whyte

Chief Revenue Officer

Neil Gad

Chief Product & Technology Officer

Kirsty Charlton

VP Revenue Operations

Alex Gowing

VP Sales & Partnerships


Over a billion copies

A wide range of applications incorporate VNC® technology.


250m+ downloads

We've been connecting users and computers for over 20 years.


90k+ Enterprise customers

Millions of individuals rely on VNC® every day too.


100+ major OEMs

Only RealVNC® can grant a license to embed VNC® in a product or service.

RFC 6143

The RFB® protocol that VNC® uses is an official Internet standard.


Innovative engineering

Our team of exceptional engineers has unparalleled domain knowledge.

Join the team

We're always looking for talented individuals to take us—and themselves—to the next level.